Hidden Printing Costs

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Everybody loves money, and all businesses want to save money. Managed Print Services (MPS) is all about saving companies money, specifically for printed documents. It may seem a simple matter of printing less, but there are many other sides to printing that companies fail to consider.

  1. Time is money

It’s easy to fixate on the upfront costs of buying the printers or refilling the ink cartridges. However, the price that gets missed of monitoring and maintaining a print fleet. Every machine requires someone to order supplies, fix it when it breaks, and refill the machines. People cost money and should figure into print costs.

  1. Printers needed

You wouldn’t issue every employee a personal printer. While that seems silly, there are still many companies boasting massive, unnecessary printer fleets. Running an efficient print fleet helps manage device costs and upkeep costs.

  1. Supplies

Cataloging, storing, and maintaining supplies are all costs that can accumulate when not correctly tracked.

  1. Outdated Equipment

You may have fond memories of Old Betsy, the first printer that christened your office building. The fond memories are worth less over time, as newer, more efficient technology surpasses the old printer. It's worth considering how new technology can improve your cost savings.

  1. Not mandating efficient printing

Printing double-sided and grayscale saves significantly on paper and ink costs. However, the savings are much more significant if you use software to ensure the whole office is doing it. Secure printing software can force all users to default to printing duplex or without color.

  1. Not having printers managed by specialists

The IT department are the office heroes, saving the day by resetting passwords and preventing lockouts. However, most IT professionals are not trained in troubleshooting printers. While they may persevere and figure it out eventually, it’s a far better use of resources to let actual MPS experts fix your problems.


MPS experts can save your organization a great deal of money. For when those experts want to save time and money, they turn to Cartos Suite.

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