Press Release-In Time Tec releases award-winning Cartos Suite,  A Cloud-Based Software solution for optimizing MPS Pre-sales workflows

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In Time Tec has announced the availability of Cartos Suite, its collection of cloud-based and sales-focused Managed Print Services (MPS) tools to aid dealers and resellers in saving time, differentiating themselves from their competition, and ultimately winning more business.

Cartos Suite includes:

Fleet Design

Cartos Fleet Design is a cloud-based fleet design solution for MPS service providers. Mapping, visualization, intelligent fleet design, enhanced statistics, and presentation-ready outputs are all included in one comprehensive package. With Cartos Fleet Design, mapping existing fleets, applying a new fleet design, and collaborating with your potential clients and teammates has never been this easy.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

With Cartos TCO, getting accurate TCO data on a fleet of printers and MFPs is now more straightforward and configurable than ever before. Upload the fleet device data, adjust hard and soft costs to meet your needs, retrieve accurate pricing, and visualize the results in automatically generated graphs and charts. Cartos TCO makes it simple to compare your future state offering against a potential client's current fleet, helping you build a persuasive case for a new MPS contract.

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Device Data Services (DDS)

Combing the internet for device and consumable information takes valuable time away from winning MPS deals. That's why we've spent years creating our Device Data Services. Focusing on the most popular past and current MPS devices, we've applied data science techniques to ensure accuracy and fill in gaps where data may not readily exist. There are over 12,000 MPS devices in our catalog, nearly guaranteeing your ability to find information on the device you are looking for without the time and hassle of search after search.

"We're excited to bring Cartos Suite to the dealer and reseller channel.", said Matt Fratzke, Executive Vice President at In Time Tec. "For years, we've been helping OEMs with their MPS pre-sales tool needs and making a real difference in their MPS businesses. We're looking forward to creating the same value for dealers and resellers with Cartos Suite by helping them work more efficiently, assisting in developing compelling talk tracks for their potential clients, and ultimately selling more MPS contracts."

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About In Time Tec

In Time Tec is a global software solutions company based in Meridian, Idaho, with offices in California, Oregon, and India. We partner closely with our clients to supplement and support their teams to build software products focused on achieving business goals. Our commitment to our employees, clients, and partners is to generate a future built on our core values of trust, transparency, integrity, and leadership. From the very beginning, our mission has always been to create abundance — we just happen to build software.

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