Benefits of Adding a Secure Print Solution

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Spy movies have yet to depict the hero infiltrating a company, making a beeline for the printer, grabbing the unattended documents off the print tray, and stylishly exiting the building. Yet, while that kind of office theft hasn’t graced the silver screen, unattended documents present many problems for companies. Secure Print Solutions protects your company and even saves you printing costs.

  • Save money with stronger print control

Everybody knows that printing in grayscale and duplex saves you money. You may not realize how much money. In 2014, the U.S Navy found that saving less than half a cent printing duplex added up to an annual savings of $61 million. Secure Print Software enables you to mandate duplex printing, grayscale, and even how many pages can be printed in a time frame, saving you money in the long run.

  • Lowers amount of unattended documents

Secure Printing makes it so when employees print, they must physically walk over and retrieve their documents. This makes it much more difficult to print something, get distracted, and forget about it for the rest of the day.

  • Capture More Accurately Your Print Environment

Adding secure print software to your printers allows you to track printing. Find out who is using which printers, where. This information allows you to reflect users' print use more accurately and depict the print environment. This print environment can then be analyzed by MPS print assessment tools, like the Cartos Suite.

  • Eliminate the need for print servers

Some offices still have bulky servers, whose whole purpose is for hosting print jobs and print data. Secure print software eliminates this, by allowing you to store data in the cloud.

  • Protect your sensitive data

Secure printing offers end-to-end data encryption. This encryption protects your sensitive data from hacking at every step of the journey, from the print command to the physical copy.

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