How software improves MPS deals

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How tightly do you cling to your old software? The more familiar you become with a software, the stronger you hold onto the comfort blanket. The comfort blanket won’t last forever, as systems change, outdated models lose support, and former technology evolves and improves over its ancestors.

The temptation is to hold the software tight and never let go if it still manages to get the job done. However, when too much time passes, the choice to switch software may be made for you. Adobe Flash lasted 25 years until Adobe announced end of life last year. If you and your business aren’t actively monitoring your software, you may fall behind on best practices and go the way of the dinosaurs.

Odds are the software you started with is not the most efficient software option now. To fill a need, many companies quickly find a general use software, like Microsoft Excel, that sort of works to fulfill a critical requirement. Non-specialized software can temporarily Band-Aid the issue. But covering the problem causes new problems since the software doesn’t work as well as a more specialized software. The problem snowballs, as years of basing a business on a software that doesn’t fit causes lengthy, inefficient processes to become the norm.

It's essential to take time to consider if your software can serve you better. The past decade has seen many advances in software for print technology. The rise of cloud software, improvements in MPS technology, security improvements, and potential for custom software are relatively new innovations. These advancements mean there are further reasons to reexamine what software you use daily and how you can improve your print offerings.

Cloud software, software that can be accessed and installed remotely via the Internet, offers many improvements over traditional local installations. This software lowers IT costs as you reduce the costs of onsite installations and management. Cloud software also allows you to access and save your data from anywhere, making it easier to work on the go. Plus, cloud software works with existing devices, saving you the hassle of upgrading the fleet.

The rise of Cloud software enabled new and improved software purchasing models. Now, offering software as a Service (SaaS) is a viable license model. Now, software use is charged as a monthly fee instead of forcing the user to pay upfront. A monthly software model empowers the user to tailor the plan to their individual needs instead of charging a lump sum. Avoiding a large upfront sum allows the purchaser to stop the license if the software stops working for them or feels they no longer have use for it.

A key component of Managed Print Services (MPS) is software and printers. Thanks to advances in technology, printers, scanners, and copiers all combined into a single, handy multifunction printer (MFP). These improved devices allow for more user functions, enabling cloud software and printer app stores.

Cloud Software, like Cartos Suite, allows you to design a much better Print Fleet. The suite of MPS software tools helps you plan a more efficient fleet layout, make stunning presentations, find the latest device specs, and so much more. Cartos Suite can recommend everything from what printers to use to where to place them. Unless, of course, you are still relying on non-specialized software for your day-to-day business.

Printer app stores, such as HP WorkPath, allows you to take your print offerings to the next level. The right MFP applications, like HP WorkPath or TouchFree MFP, can offer you new and improved options for your MFP. HP WorkPath empowers you to print, scan, and upload straight to applications, allowing you to work more efficiently than ever before. TouchFree MFP enables you to print, scan, and copy remotely, saving you the trouble of physical contact with your printer.

Secure Print Solutions offer another avenue for software options. Secure Print Solutions, software that mandates printing rules, allows you to track printing and create less waste. Ensuring that user authentication is required to start a document printing guarantees that the document isn't left unattended and unnecessary papers aren't printed.

Excel serves many vital functions, but there's a vast world of MPS software tailor-made for your business. Save hours of Excel calculations by simply finding the right software. The specific software enables you to get instant answers instead of using tedious spreadsheets.

Saving time also enables you to take better, stronger, and faster deals. Instead of crunching numbers, you can be actively pursuing bigger projects. More extensive projects mean more money, building your business.

Spend less time on mundane tasks makes people happier. Few people dream of spending hours entering data or configuring functions. Using better software saves the cost of staffing, as technicians work faster.

Better software allows you and your business to stay current with the industry and follow best practices. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of comfort when using the tool that you first learned.

However, the field of software is vast, so a major consideration is how do you find new software? The first step is to quantify what you are currently using the software for. Are you manually calculating print fleet upgrade costs? Does Excel still offer up your presentation visuals? In Time Tec offers a free guide to help you with this challenging decision.

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