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Big Data, Big Problems in Print 

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the volume of data stored worldwide is doubling every four years. Anyone who has analyzed a printer fleet understands the kind of trouble too much information can cause. With so much data to maneuver through, it’s challenging to focus on what’s important, making analysis exhausting and frustrating. It’s imperative for anyone working in the Managed Print Service (MPS) field to have access to a robust and accurate device data service. 

Cartos DDS Provides a Solution 

For analysts using the Cartos Suite of tools, The Cartos Device Data Service (DDS) is the power behind the entire Cartos Suite – it helps the Cartos Suite stand out from the crowd. It arms Cartos Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with the latest industry information on device and consumables pricing, enabling MPS providers to calculate accurate costs and savings. Cartos DDS also provides the Fleet Design application with current device options and specifications, giving analysts comprehensive results and significantly cuts down on research time.  

What is Cartos DDS?  

The Cartos DDS is a comprehensive data collection of managed print devices. It includes a fifteen-year history of detailed specifications and manufacturing information pulled from equipment manufacturers, datasheets, and 3rd party sales sites. It consists of the latest device specifications and older specifications no longer available or difficult to find. Unlike other competitor data services, the Cartos DDS utilizes crowdsourcing, meaning inaccurate information is updated within a 48-hour window. 

Accuracy is Everything 

A fleet analysis is only reliable if the information is accurate. If the number of trays, supplies, and components of a device aren’t known, it will be nearly impossible to recommend a comparable device. Additionally, TCO analysis is far less useful without the latest information on devices and consumables pricing. In Cartos DDS, data is continuously monitored and updated weekly – not quarterly. 

An Upcoming Third Tool in the Suite 

In an upcoming release, the power of Cartos DDS will also be available as an end-user tool. With Cartos Asset Advisor, users can perform quick lookups and comparisons from an intuitive user interface.  

The Cartos DDS is the backbone that makes Cartos Fleet Design and TCO effective. With its crowdsourced, continuously updated information, it delivers accurate results to analysts easily and quickly. Managed Print Service professionals who use TCO and Fleet Design can trust these tools because they can trust Cartos DDS. 

Learn more about how the entire Cartos Suite can improve the success of your MPS deals. 

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