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Managed Print Services (MPS) has changed a lot over the past decade. With the advent of Google, suddenly anyone could find the printer device information they needed with a few keyboard taps. However, the Google solution is not always perfect. Out of the 20 million plus search engine results for a Canon MF644Cdw Color Laser Printer, how are you supposed to know which result has the most up-to-date information? Fortunately, Asset Advisor is here to help.

Asset Advisor is a cloud-based MPS software tool, part of the Cartos Suite from In Time Tec. The software’s comparisons and recommendations are powered by our Device Data Service (DDS). DDS enables you to easily find the latest device specs, with a current database of 13,000+ MPS devices and consumables from all the major Original Equipment Manufacturers. The power of DDS is the foundation of most of the Cartos Suite software.

Asset Advisor takes the information provided by DDS and enables you to use it to make informed recommendations. With 140+ possible datapoints, you can sort by devices and consumables by cost, directly compare statistics, and much more, all in one convenient place. 

Eliminate the stress out of finding an unfamiliar device in the field with Asset Advisor. The Asset Advisor recommendation engine can even make the recommendation for you, with the ability to generate a recommendation based on your existing devices.

Asset Advisor helps you save time and make better recommendations. When you don’t waste time hunting for the price on Google, you can take on bigger deals. With the right specs, your recommendations are more accurate, and customers are more content. Train employees quicker with a lower barrier to entry, thanks to most knowledge being right at your fingertips.

Pricing for Asset Advisor is affordable, especially for small businesses. With per seat pricing, only pay for employees who use the license. Don’t overpay for licenses you don’t use.

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